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Meet Shara Nicholas


Chiropractic Assistant

Shara was inspired to pursue a career as a chiropractic assistant because of chiropractic’s holistic approach to health. “I particularly like the ‘giving back’ feature of chiropractic, and that care can be given without prescription medication.”

For Shara, the most fulfilling aspect of being a chiropractic assistant is helping people in various ways. “My favorite is when a new patient has never had chiropractic care before and is a little nervous or unsure what to expect. I find sharing my first chiropractic experience with them makes them feel a little more relaxed and comfortable.”

It’s also satisfying for Shara to watch patients benefit from and gain knowledge about chiropractic. “It makes me grateful to know that I’ve helped them on their journey to enjoying life to the fullest.”

In Her Spare Time

When Shara’s not working, she loves spending time with her two fur babies! Shara spends most weekends with friends, going to the beach, having get-togethers and attending concerts every chance she has.

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Shara Nicholas | Baywest Medical