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Chiropractic Telehealth Visits

Now Available From Baywest Health & Rehab


In this time of change, rest assured that Baywest Health & Rehab is doing everything necessary to adapt to the our new normal, including offering chiropractic telehealth visits for those who are sheltering in place.

Now that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has mandated that health insurance providers pay for telehealth visits, we encourage you to take advantage of our convenient virtual service.

What Is A Telehealth Visit?

A telehealth visit is a one to one video conference between one of our doctors and you, our patient. It is done via a private and secure online video portal that is easy to access.

To get started:

  1. Schedule your visit by calling us at 727-372-0091. We’ll make a convenient appointment for you to meet with one of our doctors.
  2. At the appointed time we will email you a link. Click the link and you will be walked through the process of getting connected.

It’s that simple. By providing this valuable service to our patients, we will be able to help you relieve your pain, increase your mobility and improve your overall health while keeping you safe. 

Due to our current COVID-19 restrictions, more and more people are now sitting instead of being active. Sitting with little purpose also generates anxiety which can reduce your quality of life and cause other illness. We encourage you to be pro-active and schedule some time to speak with us. We will help you make the best of this situation and minimize the back and neck pain that comes from being less active.

How Can You Help Me If You Can’t Physically Make A Chiropractic Adjustment?

This is an excellent question. Normally you would come in and receive an adjustment. But consider what else you would receive during your appointment.

When you come in, we speak with you, understand your concerns, diagnose your pain and visually observe your movements and range of motion. We also provide suggestions on how to manage your pain and give you exercises to help prevent future mobility issues tailored to your specific condition.

As you can see our hands on chiropractic adjustments are just one aspect of our patient care. We can offer all of our other components via our telehealth visits.

And don’t forget this is a temporary measure. It’s available to you to get some form of treatment until such time you feel comfortable coming in or when the restrictions are lifted. You will receive the full treatment during your next in-office visit.

Are Telehealth Visits Easy To Do?

Yes they are! We are using AnywhereCare™, which is a HIPAA compliant technology platform, to conduct our online visits.

Here’s how it works. After scheduling your virtual visit by calling 727-372-0091we will email you a link to our portal when it is time for your appointment. You can use your phone, tablet or computer to connect with us. You will need a camera and microphone, which these devices normally come with, and an Internet connection. Once you click on the link you will be prompted to download the AnywhereCare app in order to start your visit.

AnywhereCare provides a video on how it works so you will know what to expect when virtually visiting us for the first time.

How Much Does It Cost?

Usually your telehealth visit has the same copay or coinsurance that your regular visit does. We also offer affordable self pay rates for our telehealth visit option.

In Pain & Feeling Disconnected?

If you are housebound or strictly practicing social distancing, in addition to being in pain you may also be feeling down. It’s natural. Humans are social creatures. We are all feeling a bit disconnected during this stressful time.

We miss seeing your smiling faces and saying a friendly hello when you arrive. Although your visit may be virtual, rest assured you will still receive our same warm greeting. We hope to brighten your day while helping you feel better.

We Are Here For You

Our team is here for you during this time of change. We all are committed to continuing to help our patients in whatever ways we can during this time. If you are comfortable coming to the office for your treatment, please do.

We are following all CDC’s guidelines and still providing in person care. And if you are not venturing out right now or do not feel safe, we can easily schedule an online visit.

Call Cyndi at 727-372-0091 and schedule your telehealth visit today!


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