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A Man Too Busy to Take Care of Himself is Like...

Hi Baywesters!

Spring is finally here, what a rough, wet, windy and cold winter we’ve had… ;) Don’t you just feel sorry for those northerners?

Anyway, we’ve been continuing to help many people get out of pain either through chiropractic care, cold laser therapy or other treatments.

Helping those already in pain made me think of the above statement:

A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.”

Of course, we all experience pain at some point in our lives, even with the best intentions of a healthy lifestyle, but trying to be as proactive as possible with our health does help keep us out of pain and out of the doctors office searching for solutions.

In our country, our healthcare system is very difficult to work with, and dealing with insurance companies at the best of times is hard, it’s even worse when we’re dealing with a health issue. You just want to focus on getting better, not having to deal with them as well.

So one of the best ways to ensure you are on the right side of things is to take care of yourself. That includes proper diet, regular exercise and even preventative chiropractic care.

You see, chiropractic care isn’t just there when you need it to help manage your pain. Regular chiropractic adjustments help reduce the chances of getting in pain in the first place.

We see many regular patients come in and get chiropractic care just for that reason. And the beauty is they already know that they are covered through their insurances and so don’t have that headache to deal with either. They come in, get adjusted, go home and remain pain free.

So with the way things are, isn’t it better to prevent rather than cure?

Dr Scott

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