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Arthritis Treatment New Port Richey

man showing shoulder painArthritis, particularly osteoarthritis, is a common condition characterized by the breakdown of cartilage between two bones, leading to symptoms such as pain, swelling, and restricted joint movement. Arthritis primarily affects weight-bearing joints, including the knee, shoulder, hips, spine, neck, and low back.

While commonly associated with the elderly, arthritis can affect young people due to wear and tear or repetitive stress injuries.

The Origin of Arthritis

Arthritis often results from muscles crossing a joint becoming excessively tight over time, exerting a compression force on the joint. This chronic pressure causes the cartilage to break down, leading to the debilitating bone-on-bone sensation akin to a fracture.

How We Help

Examination Process and Diagnostic Tools

Our examination process involves a basic assessment of the affected joint, documenting range of motion and strength. If any special tests have come up positive, we’ll take X-rays, including AP and lateral views, which are crucial to visualize joint space and assess the extent of cartilage damage.

A Comprehensive Approach to Care

Treatments for arthritis encompass a range of approaches, including adjustments for affected areas such as the lumbar spine and knee, along with techniques like electrical muscle stimulation and cold laser therapy. The latter is particularly effective in replacing damaged cartilage, offering a chance for regeneration. Additional approaches we offer include flexibility exercises, manual therapy, and active stretching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can arthritis be fixed without surgery?

Many people think that surgery is the only solution for their arthritis. The good news is modalities like cold laser therapy can be very helpful. By harnessing light energy to stimulate cellular healing, this therapy offers a genuine alternative to surgery, specifically aiding in the regeneration of hard, glass-like hyaline cartilage.

How long will treatment take?

Typically, patients undergoing cold laser therapy witness positive results within six weeks. This non-invasive treatment provides a lasting solution, reducing the likelihood of recurring issues.

What prevention and self-care measures do you recommend?

While arthritis is often viewed as an inevitable consequence of aging, adopting a proactive approach through a regular stretching program can significantly reduce the risk. For those already experiencing arthritis, a consistent stretching regimen is crucial in preventing further deterioration.

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