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Are You Grounded?

Father and sons running on the beach barefoot.

By: Dr. Scott

If I asked you how much time you spend each day with your bare feet on the ground, you’d probably have to think pretty hard, and may come up with this answer: None.

A patient recently brought an article to my attention that outlined the practice of “grounding,” also known as earthing.

Essentially, the idea is that spending a few minutes each day barefoot on the earth can positively impact our health. Here’s how.

How Earthing Works

Our bodies are filled with positively charged radicals, which is a leading cause of inflammation. Because the earth naturally emits negatively charged radicals, allowing our bodies and feet to come into direct contact with the earth can help to balance and erase these inflammation-causing radicals from our body.

Why do we have so many inflammation causing radicals in our bodies? A lack of exercise and poor nutritional diet can be huge causes.

I’m excited to make earthing a new part of my daily life, and I challenge you to spend 30 minutes each day with your bare feet on the ground. What do you have to lose? Give it a try and get grounded!

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