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Cold Laser Therapy Alongside Chiropractic Care in New Port Richey

At Baywest Health & Rehab here in New Port Richey, we use a variety of physical modalities to help our patients get out of pain. Pain relief is our main goal as well as making the patient feel comfortable and at home. But ultimately, our patients are here to be helped manage their pain.

Some of the therapies we use are chiropractic and cold laser therapy. On their own, they do generate great success, but used in conjunction with one another, the rate of success is even better. Depending on your condition, we may be able to treat you with one method or the other. Cold laser has certain advantages over chiropractic care and vice versa.

If your condition is not too bad or your simply in for maintenance or a tune up, then we’d go the chiropractic route. If you are suffering pain as a result of a couple of reasons then a collaborative care approach may be more beneficial. We would most likely begin with cold laser therapy to help reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and help to regenerate those cells to improve the healing process.

We use our Cold Laser Protocols(R) to help provide a standardized approach and from that we can give you a decent prediction of what to expect at the end of treatment.

Once your laser therapy session is over, then we would adjust you using chiropractic care. We’ve found this really helps with the overall healing process and have seen patients improve so much more.

The chiropractic treatments would typically reduce in time spent over the course of the cold laser treatment being applied as you improve and grow stronger as the pain subsides.

We are very proud of our success rates in this, and it is great to be able to predict to a decent level on how a given patient will likely respond to treatment.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate in contacting us for any more info, 727-372-0091 and we would be happy to talk with you. Or if you can’t wait, just come down and we would be happy to treat you there and then. No appointments are necessary as we are walk in friendly.

We’re in New Port Richey on Route 54. Easy to find and we have plenty of parking as well.