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Does Whiplash Affect Your Memory?

What's the Relationship between Circadian Clocks and Low Back Pain?. The memory problems are as a result of whiplash injury but this is not commonly known to many people who are left wondering whether they are okay or not. Most doctors attending to such patients are often bombarded with questions seeking to find out whether their patient’s memory was affected during the accident or not.

What is a Whiplash Injury? 
Whiplash is a form of injury that occurs when a car crashes either at a fast or slow speed. When the car is at a slow speed, minimal damage occurs on the vehicle and the force from the accident is not absorbed by the metallic parts of the car. These forces are mostly transferred to the occupants of the vehicle. This results in a greater injury as compared to the crashes that occur when a vehicle is moving at twice the speed since the latter results in the metal getting crushed. 

In a whiplash injury, the damage is caused by the head’s sudden and rapid movement, which results in injuries of varying degrees to the neck and the brain inside your skull. Your brain is forced to bang inside the skull walls due to the rapid acceleration during the crash, resulting in a concussion. Most accident victims forget to mention the concussion and most doctors also forget to inquire about it during a Las Vegas car accident treatment. Most doctors rush to deal with the prominent injuries. This condition is mostly referred to using two terms, mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) or post-concussive syndrome. 

How is it treated?
A chiropractor is likely to encounter certain situations when patients complain that they have to read a chapter of a book or magazine severally before they understand it. A number of patients complain that they trail off in their speeches and completely forget where they trailed off. This condition is better managed with the help of a car accident chiropractor. They assist the patients from dealing with the embarrassing, scary and frustrating situations they experience due to MTBI. If you notice that you suffer from headaches, blurred vision, being unable to pronounce some words, understanding what is being said or remembering groups of numbers e.g. birthdates, addresses, phone numbers etc, its important to visit these professionals. 

How Long Does the Treatment Last?
MTBI has in some instances cleared up in about 2-6 months without any issues whatsoever, but in some cases it has been found to hang around for about 2 years or more. It is also possible for the condition to become permanent after the car crash. There are reports suggesting that some patients have continued experiencing these problems for about 2 years. According to this study, 20% of the patients suffered the effects for over two years after the car crash meaning 1 out of % patients can continue suffering for long. Another different study suggested that whiplash injuries did not affect the higher cognitive functions like communicating through spoken or written language. 

Bottom Line
A car accident chiropractor is trained to carry out a thorough orthopedic, neurological and history evaluation. Chiropractors are trained to ask specific questions touching on brain injuries (mild traumatic). A proper Las Vegas car accident treatment for patients suffering from whiplash injuries should discuss their situations often as MTBI patients believe things are wrong and have unnecessary anxiety.

Dr Michael Reiss DC is the owner and operator of Las Vegas Car Accident Treatment Centers in Las Vegas, Nevada.
To learn more about him, check his site at Las Vegas Car Accident Centers

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