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Headaches and Posture

Headache PostureMany people in Newport Richey have a problem with poor posture and this can be seen when you take a glance at your reflection in a storefront mirror or window. Although every one of us knows that we should stand up straight, we often forget this the moment we go back to our daily routine. Well, this forgetfulness has done more harm than good as the majority of people are now struggling to eradicate poor posture.

In Newport Richey, years of standing slouched has been attributed to poor posture. Standing slouched is a bad habit that always starts at a young age. The next time you are at a shopping mall or in an airport, be keen to look around at how many people have poor posture. I guess the number will leave you more scared than surprised. According to latest reports, posture may reflect someone’s present attitude and indicate whether they are happy, sad or depressed. Poor posture may be associated with self-consciousness, particularly during adolescence. It may also be related with a genetic component given that we always see a trait where many or all family members have the same postural tendency.

Research points out that poor posture can lead to headaches, and the one that mostly causes headaches is the forward-based head and shoulders. From the side, it always appears that the head is profoundly forward relative to the shoulders, the upper back is rounded forwards, and the shoulders are rotated inward and rolled forwards. Chiropractors in Newport Richey advice that this postural bad habit be reduced by an exercise like tucking in the chin and pretending a book is balancing on top of your head. The objective of the exercise is to make sure the book doesn’t slide forward off your head and land on your toes.

The exercise, however, requires optimum patience since it takes around 3 months of unending self-reminding before the new good posture becomes automatic. Soon you’ll find yourself doing it right without even thinking about it.

Posture is always faulty lower down the kinetic chain. Feet are the first link of the chain and the head is the last link. Given that we are bipedal, any change in the feet, which is the first link, can alter the rest of the chain, particularly those areas that are far away like the head. And we all know what this often results in; headaches. For instance, if one leg is short, the head shifts, the shoulder drops, the spine shifts (what’s known as scoliosis), and the pelvis drops to try keep the eyes level. A short leg should always be managed with an arch support, heel lift or combination of the two, so the headache patient can be treated properly.

Poor posture, especially the aforementioned forward-based head and shoulder posture, can cause headaches. It makes the body strain a lot, which is not good for health. Unfortunately, most of our daily tasks really contribute to bad posture. In most cases, these routines force us to slouch and in the end we start developing poor posture. The good news is chiropractors in Newport Richey have a solution for it; the exercise mentioned above. They also offer various services that help alleviate headaches that occur as a result of poor posture.

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