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Health Benefits of Cold Showers

The idea of taking a cold shower as a way to improve health may be difficult to warm up to. After all, a nice warm or hot shower is relaxing and soothing. But, I’m here to tell you that a brief blast of cold water during your daily shower can rev up your health. Last year, a study was conducted by Dutch researchers in which 2,800 participants were broken down into four groups: a control group, a group that would take 30-second cold showers, a group that would take 60-second cold showers and a third group that would take 90-second cold showers — for a month.

The Study Results

After the 30-day commitment had ended, 80% of the 2,800 people fulfilled the challenge. Though there was no difference in the benefits achieved in the group who took longer cold showers, the following health benefits were realized in all three groups of people who took cold showers:

  • Increased blood flow through the body
  • Boosted energy
  • Enhanced appetite
  • Improved attitude

When your body shivers the arterials compress, range of motion increases and blood flows through the body better. In short, those brief cold showers are highly healthy!

Send Shivers Down Your Spine

I’m not suggesting watching a scary movie to send shivers down your spine but taking the cold shower challenge. When your body is put into fight-or-flight mode because of the freezing water, your body has to squeeze the blood vessels which helps to flush the entire system. The simple act of taking a cold shower can do wonders for your well-being. Of course, regular chiropractic care is another fantastic way to not only keep your spine healthy but enjoy excellent overall health as well!

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  1. Sammie says
    May 08, 2017 at 8:14 PM

    I truly agree!. I grew up being encouraged to start out warm, increase to as hot a shower as felt good to my back, wash good, then start cooling the water down to rinse, and finish up with COLD water to close my body. I've tried just hot shower, and always makes me tired before day is started.

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