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We are the Best chiropractors in Las Vegas for Whiplash Treatment

Are Head Tilt and Headaches Connected? |Baywest Health Whiplash is a term that described neck injury caused by car accident. You may hit the car in front or be hit from behind to suffer these injuries. The condition occurs when the soft tissue becomes damaged or stretched as a result of the accident impact. The common symptoms include neck pain, headache, muscle spasm and difficulty moving the head though they may take several hours to develop. Medical experts have proven that being hit from behind has most severe injuries compared to the rest. 

Dangers of whiplash and the most likely victims
The most important thing to know about whiplash is the devastating effects it has on victims. To some people, the condition will get better within a few weeks, but to others, it may last longer, and this will definitely limit their ability to work. But who is likely to be more affected by this condition? According to various medical reports, female gender (due to a slender neck), self-employed, marital status (mental stress), elderly (due to less flexibility), and people with a psychological condition history are the most prone to whiplash. The most devastating result of whiplash is work disability and mostly due to brain related case such as memory loss, difficulty formulating words and loss of train of thought. 

How to treat Whiplash
Drug treatment is mostly used, whiplash may not require much of it. Since it’s purely a soft tissue/muscle problem (spine), the use of car accident chiropractors is highly recommended. Chiropractic is a natural form of healing that correct muscle misalignment to restore proper functioning of nervous system. It is more like a massage. Chiropractors are medical experts who have the knowledge to deal with muscle injuries without the use of the drug. In most cases, they are used to complement the medical treatment for quick recovery. This is what we are offering- quick recovery from whiplash and prevention of work inability. We are indeed one of the most reputable Las Vegas car accident treatment centers. 

Why you should seek our chiropractic services
Two things have made us stand out from the rest of the chiropractic clinics – the quality of our staff and equipment. We do not compromise on the quality of service. Our chiropractors are highly trained to work on any car accident treatment involving soft tissue including muscles and spine. All our chiropractors are products of reputable training institutions in the US. they boast of vast experience in this field. We have successfully treated hundreds of such cases including whiplash and even more sophisticated cases such as spine injuries. We have one of the best team of professional chiropractors that you can find in Las Vegas.

We have invested heavily in state of the art equipment in our modern clinic. You will be amazed by the quality of the equipment. Our aim is to ensure that our patients are getting the treatment in Las Vegas and its environs. Do not let this condition lead to work disability where as we can help. Call us anytime you need our services, and we will be glad to help. We can handle your whiplash condition no matter which stage you are in. Our goal is to see you through whiplash treatment successfully within the shortest time possible.

Dr Michael Reiss DC is the owner and operator of Las Vegas Car Accident Treatment Centers in Las Vegas, Nevada.
To learn more about him, check his site at Las Vegas Car Accident Centers

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