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What Treatment Options are Available in Baywest?

Hi Baywesters we’re often asked what services we offer and what they actually do for people in pain. We have four main services that we use to help you out of pain. Chiropractic treatment is our number 1 service and has been for many years now, but over the years we have added accident injury service, cold laser therapy and our Manipuflex(R) treatment which is a more aggressive manual manipulation technique which really helps patients get out of pain.

So a little more about each:

Chiropractic Care

This is perhaps one of the best, if not the best way of helping patients get out of pain. Using manual therapy techniques we can adjust your spine and help decompress joints which help free up trapped nerves, realign you, and put things back where they should be. This restores proper function to the body helping reduce inflammation and thus pain.

Accident Injury

For accident injury victims, we have been helping you guys for years get treatment promptly and also supplying you with the relevant documents to help with your insurance claims. Treatment for injuries is number one of course but being able to get insurance to do its job properly is also critical to pay for that treatment, and of course your car repairs. We can help you so much with an accident injury.

Cold Laser Therapy

When Brad, our Rehab Director talked us into getting cold laser equipment several years ago, I was dubious, but after seeing how well this treatment does in helping people out of pain, we made it a core service. Furthermore, our use of the equipment prompted us to explore and seek out a standardized way of applying protocols or settings so we could predict well a patient’s outcome based on their condition.


One step on from chiropractic care, is our registered trademark Manipuflex(R) procedure which uses a more aggressive approach to adjusting patients to get them out of pain. It’s especially good for patients with herniated discs as the technique uses traction to slightly stretch the spine and release pressure on the spine and provide relief.

These are our core services, but behind these services is our team of friendly and family orientated staff who are here to serve you. We are passionate about helping people get out of pain and helping them get back to doing what they want to do in life. There is no greater feeling than seeing someone who is in pain cry tears of joy when they are relieved of it. Nothing better.

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