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Why Cold Laser Therapy May be an Option for New Port Richey

With the opioid crisis in full stretch, many people are looking for alternate means of care. While pain medication may certainly ease your pain, its effects are merely short term and of course come with side effects. Optimally, attacking the actual root cause of the pain is always going to have a significantly better long term effect than treating the symptoms of pain. This is what the power of cold laser therapy can do for pain.

Cold laser therapy has been around for several decades. It’s had countless papers written on it and is also FDA approved as a method for treating pain. It’s main benefits include little to no contraindications, it’s not invasive and it is extremely effective in reducing pain.

Furthermore, it treats the source of the pain and not the symptoms meaning a full recovery or better management of pain results.

We have been treating patients for several years with the technology ever since Brad, our rehab director, convinced us that cold laser therapy could help transform our patients lives in our practice. Not only have we done that, but we have also developed a series of protocols that will provide consistent results in getting our New Port Richey patients out of pain for a given condition.

Furthermore, these protocols have been boxed up in a software which will be offered to doctors across the country and beyond in helping other patients get out of pain.

Pain is our priority has always been out motto, and we are always evolving and looking at new treatments to help patients get out of pain and back to doing what they love most.

We have helped so many in pain with cold lasers, we’ve helped many elderly people with dealing with arthritis, we’ve helped people with back pain, neck pain, knee pain and more. We’ve even helped golfers improve their swing by allowing the joints to be freer and thus have an increased range of motion to help them compete more. It’s the same treatments that the majority of NBA and NFL team doctors use to help their athletes.

We cannot say enough about cold laser therapy and how it has helped so many people with no side effects either.

If you’re in pain, you’re tired of taking medication and want the issue fixed or helped, come in and see us or call us today 727-372-0091.

Remember, your pain is our priority!

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