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3 Crucial Tips that will keep an ACL Tear at Bay


Preventing ACL tears and even other injuries is almost impossible anywhere in the world including New Port Richey. Fortunately, athletes should not lose hope, as reports indicate that there are ways one can consider to escape sport-related injuries. Commonly referred to as ACL, the Anterior Cruciate Ligament is found on the knee, and it is really important, as it helps stabilize the knee. An injury to the ACL is one of the most common injuries in the world of sports. And it is mostly as a result of quick stop & go type movement, sudden change of directions, jumping, and twisting.

Female athletes are unfortunate when it comes to sustaining an ACL injury, as studies indicate that they are 8 times more likely to sustain an ACL tear compared to their male counterparts. Well, here are some reasons that support this huge claim:

  • Female hormones fluctuate more than male hormones
  • Females lack enough strength in legs
  • Females have a wider pelvis, which is due to the female anatomy
  • Females have a deeper Q (knee to pelvis angle), which is also as a result of the female anatomy

But how can you prevent an ACL tear? To know the answer, go through the following 3 tips:

1. Check whether you have Valgus Knee Alignment

Valgus is a condition that occurs when your knees bend closer together instead of staying hip width apart. This is likely to happen when you bend at the knee, perhaps during landing after jumping. To determine whether you have Valgus knee alignment, either video record yourself or have someone watch you while you do a simple squat independently without any support from objects. If you notice (or the person watching notices) that your knees are starting to bend closer as you get deeper, you have Valgus knee alignment. This type of positioning makes one susceptible to an ACL injury. The good news is you can prevent this through a number of ways including reconditioning and training your body to land differently when you jump. More than a few older individuals may not see the importance of this trick, but young athletes may find it handy since it helps them learn to the muscle memory from an early age.

2. Work on Strengthening your Lower Body

Try not to focus so much on your quads that you forget your hamstrings. Studies have been carried out to check the importance of hamstring strength as well as the hamstring-to-quadriceps ratio of strength. These studies have mainly been carried out because most experts, especially those from New Port Richey, believe that a weak hamstring can lead to ACL tears. It is, therefore, important to focus and treat quads and hamstrings equally during workouts.

3. Increase Flexibility and Improve Agility

Increasing your overall flexibility has a lot of health benefits. For example, be sure to have a great balance if you increase your flexibility and leg strength. And with great balance, expect your lower body to become stronger. Ideally, you should try to improve your agility and proprioception by performing plyometric exercises.

The Bottom Line

While it may not be easy to prevent ACL tears and other injuries, following the above 3 tips may make you less prone to these injuries. Therefore, whether you are in New Port Richey or not, be sure to incorporate these tips into your workout program.

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