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Rehab Director, Bradly WrightMeet Bradley S. Wright,

A Sports Injury Changed His Life

While Brad was in high school, he suffered an injury during football practice. He was instructed by his coach to see the athletic trainer. She evaluated his hand and put ice on it. Fifteen minutes later the bruising and swelling went down, and she allowed him to return to practice. This was all Brad needed to be intrigued by this profession. Brad graduated from Dunedin High School with the dream of earning a degree in athletic training.

Cold Laser Protocol

Brad was introduced to cold lasers over five years ago. Since then he and the staff have been relieving patients’ degenerative conditions, as well as acute and chronic conditions. Learning as much as he could about cold lasers and being able to use them regularly, he developed Trademarked Protocols to transfer patients from pain relief to healing.

Now, they are helping physicians, athletic trainers and physical therapists globally with their Cold Laser Protocols. Learn more about Brad and Dr. Scott’s Cold Laser Protocols here:

Education, Membership and Experience

Upon graduating from St. Petersburg Junior College, Brad began to fulfill his dream when enrolling at the University of Florida. He graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise & Sport Sciences with a Specialization in Athletic Training. While the traditional setting was fun and challenging, Brad got burned out and wanted to get some experience in a clinic. He has spent almost 20 years with Dr. Coletti as his rehab director.

In his role, Brad initiates and facilitates patients through their physical rehab protocols. He also evaluates and treats orthopedic injuries and makes recommendations. Brad provides cash services such as cold laser therapy, manual therapy, flexibility and massage. He also educates staff on new techniques and studies related to physical medicine.

Brad is a member of the following associations:

  • Athletic Trainers’ Association of Florida
  • South Eastern Athletic Trainers’ Association
  • National Athletic Trainers’ Association

Brad enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. He also likes to go to the movies and out to dinner, as well as play his guitars and listen to music.

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Bradley S. Wright | Baywest Medical