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How Chiropractic Still Helps Me After Hip Surgery

Following Tiger Woods’ great comeback in the Masters the other week after his extensive surgeries in the past, it got me thinking about my own life here in New Port Richey. While I still consider myself young, I have had a hip replacement earlier this year after suffering in pain for many years. Cold laser therapy and chiropractic care helped for a time, but the issue got to a point that surgery was really the only option, and I took the plunge earlier this year and got it sorted once and for all.

Does that mean the problem is fixed and I don’t need any follow up therapy?

Absolutely not, in fact now it’s even more important that I do continue with regular adjustments and even some cold laser therapy to keep me mobile and pain free. That’s where Dr Mickey comes in handy as I can always ask him to adjust me and Brad is our cold laser expert too.

Like Tiger, I am an avid golfer, although I’m not quite as good as him. Like Tiger, regular chiropractic care and other therapies really help to reduce pain and ensure that my range of motion is as good as possible. This mobility not only helps in normal life, but it helps on the golf course too. There’s nothing worse than having you game put off my unnecessary pain.

Chiropractic for your own benefit?

Chiropractic care really does work. At Baywest we’ve helped thousands of patients over the years. We’ve also received so many positive reviews on how it’s helped them. Chiropractic care not only helps you get out of pain, but it’s great at helping you stay out of pain on a maintenance level. While I am lucky to be in the business and able to be adjusted whenever I want as I work here, I have also always encouraged a walk in process for you, our patients.

This means if you wake up in pain, have an accident which causes you pain, or are injured in sports, or whatever the reason, we are here for you to walk in (or crawl in depending on your pain levels) and be treated right there and then. No making an appointment and then having to wait days to be seen.

Get back to full fitness and enjoy your life again. Contact us or simply walk in and we are there for you, to get you out of pain.

Dr. Scott Coletti