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New Port Richey Back Pain Treatment Options

The most common pain problems we see in our clinic here at Baywest are back pain issues. Thankfully we have many New Port Richey back pain treatment options available. When we get back pain, typically it’s due to compression of the joints. As the joints compress, they become dysfunctional. This dysfunction puts stress on nerves, muscles and the joints themselves. As this occurs, our range of motion is impaired and we begin to build up scar tissue and inflammation occurs. This inflammation is what causes pain. A good analogy of this is when you continuously rub your hands together, they get hot, then callouses form (scar tissue) and this causes pain. It’s essentially the same thing, but inside the body.

So what are the New Port Richey back pain treatment options at Baywest? We have several treatment options available to you:

  • Chiropractic – Our conservative approach to helping your pain through spinal manipulation.
  • Cold Laser Therapy – Utilizing our Cold Laser Protocols(R) we have in excess of an 85% success rate in reduction of pain
  • Manipuflex – Our registered trademarked spinal adjustment method, this is great for traction techniques

Each treatment aims to do the same thing, get your inflammation down and under control, your joints operating correctly as they should and finally to get you out of pain. The beauty of each treatment is that they are all non drug treatments and non invasive. They also offer little to no contraindications.

Our New Port Richey back pain treatment options have helped many people in our region (and even beyond, we’ve had people fly down from New York just to be treated) and we are very proud of our Google reviews that testify to this. As of time of writing, we currently have 132 5 star reviews on the platform.

So if you are in pain, hurting or have any pain whatsoever, come in and see us. Give us a call (727) 372-0091 or simply walk in. We’re open Monday to Thursday 8am to 7pm.

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