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Pain in the HipPain in the Hip? 

According to the majority, including residents in New Port Richey, hip joint includes the low back, front of the pelvis, side of the pelvis, and places in the groin, among others. The line between the back and front pocket is basically the hip joint. Therefore, picture the squat exercise in relation to the hip joint. Dr. Stuart McGill, director of the Spine Biomechanics Laboratory at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, state that if you want to perform squats safely, then you must first be conversant with genetics and the role it plays. This is especially important to those who want to perform deep squats.

Dr. McGill further states that genetics help us determine whether our hip joints can handle squatting. For instance, if your hip sockets are genetically shallow, then you are likely to suffer from arthritis (hip dysplasia). Polish descents are the most likely individuals in the world to suffer from hip dysplasia. That is because they are genetically susceptible to develop shallow hip sockets. Nevertheless, having a shallow hip socket also has some advantages. And one of these advantages is that it helps Polish have a greater range of motion, of course, before arthritis sets in. Another advantage is that it makes them more powerful in the deep squat position.

Going by that statement, it should be unsurprising to note that the world’s greatest Olympic weight lifters come from such countries as Poland, Ukraine, and Bulgaria, since most people in these regions have this uniquely shaped and Dalmatian hips (shallow hip sockets). Regions vary greatly and so are people in those regions. For example, Scottish descents are totally different from Polish descents when it comes to the shape of the hip. While People from Poland have shallow hip sockets, the ones from Scotland have deep hip sockets. And this has a number of advantages to them like helping them to walk, stand, and in rotation power. However, those with deep sockets are deemed poor weightlifters, since deep sockets are terrible when it comes to producing power at the bottom of a deep squat.

Other populations that have deep sockets are Celtics and French populations, and that explains why exercises that demand a wide range of motion, like yoga, can lead to impingement in pain among most people from these regions.

Therefore, what conclusion can we make about the relationship between shallow/deep sockets and hip pain? We realize that genetic makeup determines whether we have shallow sockets or deep sockets. So whether you are in New Port Richey or anywhere else in the world, be sure to know the type of hip socket your ancestry has. By so doing this, you’ll be able to avoid tasks that can make you susceptible to hip pain. For example, if your hip socket is shallow, it is best to avoid deep squats and/or occupations, which demand a lot of bending over and weight-bearing, especially the ones that require heavy lifting. Shallow hip sockets ensure less hip impingement and this puts you in a good position to win a squatting competition. However, they tend to wear out faster; thus, may result in unbearable hip pain.

If you feel any pain like a bad or sharp lancinating pain when you are in an exercise class or engaging in running, cycling etc., the best thing to do is to stop the exercise. Do not go overboard or try to keep up with the person next to you. Furthermore, make safety your top priority when engaging in any exercise. If you are in New Port Richey, you can consult your chiropractor to tell you more about hip pain.


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