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Want to Know What Works at Reducing Pain?

One of our best treatment programs we have at Baywest Medical is Cold Laser Therapy. Through it we have helped many patients get out of pain and back to living the lives they want and desire. Cold laser therapy has been around for many years and is really now getting the significant results that it has promised for years.

But the help doesn’t end there. It has also helped sportsmen and regular people to stay on top of their game and lives. Thanks to its anti inflammatory effects, it can really help loosen joints and help with soft tissues as well. Check out Dr Coletti provide more facts about this great form of treatment. It’s the treatment now and of the future.

Check out this YouTube video from Dr Scott Coletti on what works for reducing pain. If you are interested in relieving your pain, call us at (727) 372-0091 and we would love to help.

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