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Cold Laser Protocols®

Technician giving cold laser therapy to patient.Two and a half years ago, we added our first cold lasers to the practice. We now have 13 of them because we have been getting such fantastic results with our patients. One of the greatest benefits of cold laser therapy is that there are virtually no contraindications. Laser therapy can help people of all ages and can assist with acute or chronic pain.

It’s our pleasure to announce that we started a company called Cold Laser Protocols, which is a registered trademark worldwide. It utilizes specific unique protocols for different conditions, whether they’re related to the neck, knee, back or shoulder.

Our Protocols

Not only can we help with cold laser therapy but we wrote the code when it comes to protocols! I, along with our longtime Certified Athletic Trainer Brad Wright created these protocols.
We have invested a great deal of time and effort in understanding our patients’ needs and our equipment and have developed a considerable array of protocols which can provide doctors anywhere with protocols to treat their patients efficiently, effectively and affordably.

Cold Laser Protocols are a set of proven protocols built into a software application that guide doctors and physicians through the process of treating their patient using their cold laser therapy equipment.  We created relative cookie-cut protocols of different wavelengths and frequencies that are set into the device itself. Those protocols all change with a patient’s level of degeneration and pain as well as body size and other factors.

An Impressive Success Rate

We’ve designed protocols specific to every joint in the body. Since developing these protocols and putting them into practice, our patient satisfaction rating has gone through the roof with a pain reducing success rate in excess of 85% within the first 3-4 treatments!

Helping Doctors Treat Patients Simply and Effectively

While cold laser therapy equipment does come with generic instructions and settings for use, these are typically very general, and it is left to the doctors to experiment and find out what settings work best. This process could take months or even years to figure out, with still no guarantee of getting it right. As a chiropractor, I like to be told how to do something not have to figure out how to do it. One of our tag lines is “It’s so easy a kindergartner could use it.”

Expanding the Impact of Cold Laser Therapy

Our practice is now to the point where one of the largest cold laser distributors in the world has significant interest in partnering with us and take off with our protocols. It’s a privilege to be able to not only help patients in our small practice but other doctors and their patients around the country.

If you’ve been searching for effective pain relief and want to try cold laser therapy, we invite you to contact the practice today to schedule an appointment!

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